About the Secretary Of State Police Investigators

The Lodge would like to introduce you to the unique functions of a Secretary of State Police Investigator. In 1913 the Illinois Secretary of State created the first Investigators. Investigators have full police powers to enforce all laws throughout Illinois. Each day in an Investigator’s life may be different than the next.

Our members provide unique services to citizens and other law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois. We have specialized units such as a Bomb Squad, Underwater Investigation Unit and Tactical Team. We provide expert investigations into identity crimes. We train agencies across the State in law updates and many other topics. We help fill federal and state task forces with manpower for auto theft, computer crimes and intelligence gathering.

We are considered the experts in the Illinois Vehicle Code. Our regulatory duties include the investigation and enforcement of white-collar type crimes within the automotive industry, to include crimes arising from manufacturing, sales, repair and dismantling of vehicles. We are also the only police agency with authority to require and issue registration “in the field” to trucks operating without proper authority for Illinois.

Investigators must have at least two years of college and prior police work is a plus. A new Investigator-trainee would attend the Illinois State Police Academy for 12 weeks, then move to the 10-week SOS police academy to finish formal training. After graduation the new Investigator is placed into a 6-10 week field training program, before being released to work on their own. Additional responsibilities include response to the Capitol Complex in Springfield to assist the Capitol Police; another Division of our Department.

The most interesting job in police work. Always a challenge! Our FOP members stand proudly to continue these services to all in need.




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Updated Nov 2016