COVID 19 Policing

There has been much discussion at the State Lodge if we should send out suggestions concerning enforcement of Executive Orders and the civil concerns that come with that. I am in favor of that. Needlessly to say Executive Orders do not carry the same weight as law and in no way do they circumvent Constitutional rights. It appears a “delicate officer discretion” style of policing is in order. Asking for clear direction from a superior officer, if asked to do something under an Executive Order, would be very advisable; sometimes after the fact, they “forget” what was said, so “work smart” in this time period.

The State FOP Disaster Response Unit had offered to travel in southern and central IL as a drive thru mobile COVID 19 testing unit for law enforcement. We had planned to coordinate with county health departments medical staff to provide this important service. The State through ILEAS however, did not have enough equipment or the quick tests to supply us with gear. Additionally our insurance company, said “no”. As you may all be aware, insurance companies and lawyers run the world. We would therefore recommend checking the IDPH website as they have now listed locations for first responders to get tests even if they have no symptoms. This will give you and your family peace of mind, during this crazy time. I myself, will be getting tested fairly often, since I still work the road.

This change is quite an improvement as just a couple of weeks ago at Emergency rooms, doctors were having to call the IDPH to get authorization to test their patients. Remember N95 masks are the best in close quarters and surgical masks are generally used where social distancing can take place, but doesn’t provide much protection.  Stay safe and work smart.

Terry Trueblood – President

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