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President’s Corner

Welcome to the newly updated FOP Lodge 95 website.  We surely needed to upgrade this service to our members.  We have added a calendar of events, labor section for the investigators and labor section for the capitol police as well as the popular fraternal area for all members. We are happy to welcome new users and new members – namely our Capitol police to the ranks of Lodge 95.  Remember any law enforcement officer working for the Secretary of State or ICC can join lodge 95.  For those working folks, you will also be in a “bargaining unit” and your labor chairman will keep you apprised of issues concerning your contract.  The Fraternal side is your benefit side and the group that works for your legislative initiatives, through the State Lodge and our own committee.

We are adding a “Knowledge Center” with the latest officer training issues, case law and applicable YouTube to help keep you sharp on the street.  The President’s Corner and the Secretary’s Message will keep you up to speed on events, issues and benefits for membership.  Remember you can “legally” say your piece in a union website without fear of legal repercussions, unlike Facebook and other public formats; which have gotten many officers in serious trouble criminally and with the employer. The administrators for the website are the President, Secretary and Immediate Past President, plus the Labor Chairs. We hope you explore all parts of the site that you have access to, and participate by posting thoughtful and professional remarks.  It is truly an honor to launch this new site.

Terry Trueblood – President

Calendar of events

December 24, 2023
  • Christmas Eve

    December 24, 2023

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December 25, 2023

Secretary’s Message

Over the last several weeks, things have been changing at a rapid pace. Fear is a natural consequence of uncertainty in these troubling times. Knowledge empowers individuals to overcome fear and to this end we encourage you to listen for official government updates, consult the Center for Disease Control website and pay attention to reputable news sources. We also encourage you to follow the directions and guidelines established by your local, state and federal governments. Despite the challenges ahead, the one thing that has not and will never change is the dedication to community and public service the members of Investigators Lodge 95 demonstrate each and every day. To that end, we are here for you.