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Be The Officer

Bet the Officer is A Program of Mutually Beneficial Dialog and Community Engagement by the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police. Partnering and or owning police use of force simulation machine(s). We will set up field experiences for key community leaders who are often asked to comment on, or get involved with the “aftermath” of a police shooting.

F.O.P. Lodge #95 Members

Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge will conduct this program by:


To provide police shoot – don’t shoot simulation opportunities for 1.) clergy; 2.) government officials; 3.) judges and state attorneys; 4.) media; 5.) Others as approved.


To travel around the State of Illinois and provide opportunities to educate and familiarize key community leaders in the very difficult job of law enforcement, in the most serious few seconds of a police officer’s life…the shoot / don’t shoot situation.

Further education includes scientific information on physiology of the human response to stress, before, during and after an event.


The State FOP will utilize the Disaster Response Trailer to haul equipment and set up at locations around the State. The FOP will provide qualified operators and instructors for these events. The command staff of the Disaster Response Unit (DRU) will coordinate these events with the State President.

Scheduling is coordinated through requests from local lodges and or agencies who feel it would be beneficial for their area. No cost is associated, however a donation of $200 is most welcome to offset transportation costs.

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The Difference between life and death is measured in Milliseconds

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