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  1. M.Mueller

    What happens when they don’t get back to us like originally planned? When the meeting was in July it was relayed that this would be done quickly, if not at that meeting. We know that you all are doing a good job and feel that in the end we will have a good contract. The lack of communication and the constant rumors are what is frustrating. Several questions have been asked on this post alone and have not been answered. This is what builds the frustration amongst everyone.

    1. Tyler Dumontelle

      “originally planned” – What plan are you referring too?

      “Would be done quickly” – Who said it would be done quickly? We hope it will but there are no guarantees.

      “Rumors” – Ignore all rumors. Go by what’s posted here or call any of the Labor Reps. My number is 708.204.0112 24/7 minus phone charging. email at Most of the time if no information is put out then there is no new information. But just call.

      Normally sessions are planned one or two a month and typically take 6 months or more. We have only been bargaining for about 4 weeks and have already exchanged no less than 5 proposals, so we are moving along pretty good. Prior delays that brought us to this point were strategically valuable to our position. We could have demanded to bargain earlier against the employer wishes and ended up right in arbitration.

      1. Tyler Dumontelle

        grammar = “to” not “too”

  2. Rocco Pretzie

    Instead of updates on meeting dates can we please get some insight on what has been offered/counter offered on the step compressions.

    1. Tyler Dumontelle

      We generally wait until all the BS offers are out of the way and we have something worth a vote. There has been movement by both sides and they didn’t open with zeros like every other time. As soon as we see something worthy of a vote we will get it in front of the unit. Even if it’s close we can put it out to the unit.

  3. Bryant Kindred

    Any updates?

    1. J.Foster


      1. Tyler Dumontelle

        Joe. We’ve known each other a long time. If you called my phone there would be no crickets.

  4. J.Foster

    What day next week is management going to get back with labor?

  5. Joe Duca

    any word yet on contract?

  6. Rocco Pretzie

    Thanks, Dave

  7. S.Beard

    Let’s get this done Bates ????

  8. S.Flowers

    Thanks for all you guys do.

  9. Dale Reels


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