Ratification and Contract Status

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  1. D.Bates

    I noted earlier today that up to date contractual increases and retro pay are in fact included on the November 10th paycheck. I noted a discrepancy related to base pay and my correct annual salary. I contacted Patty (Patricia Snowden Herald) at payroll and inquired about the discrepancy. I was advised that as their system is automated, they had to list a portion of my pay as overtime on my paycheck. That amount added to my base pay worked out to be the correct annual salary. The bottom line is this…if you find a discrepancy related to your pay or simply wish to get clarification, feel free to contact payroll to inquire.

  2. J.Foster

    Agreed Inv. Gade. My step is one less as well.

    1. D.Bates

      The July 1, 2019 contractual increase is a result of one step of compression. This increase was reflected on the October 26th paycheck as indicated above. The July 1, 2020 contractual increase is a result of two steps of compression. This increase and retro pay to date has been posted on the November 10th paycheck.

  3. D.Bates

    The October 26th paycheck is consistent with the new contract and the pay schedule above. The only exception is that retro pay for the 2019 contractual increase was not included. The labor team will be seeking clarification from Director Roth.

  4. K.Gade

    The above information is not accurate. The Oct 26th pay check has no changes.

  5. Bryant Kindred

    Much appreciation, you guys did a great job.

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