Passing of Retired District #2 Captain Michael “Mike” J. Juliano

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  3. D.Bates

    I was truly saddened to hear about Mike’s passing. I worked for Mike at the auto theft task force in Rockford prior to joining SOS Police. Mike was a great mentor to me during my earlier days in law enforcement. I suppose you can blame Mike, as it was due to his professionalism and association with the agency that I first became interested in the department. Mike was intensely dedicated to his family, dedicated to his church, and dedicated to his mission of public service. Mike was a good man and a friend, but his taste in music was questionable. Andy Gib and The Bee Gees, need I say more?
    I found his obituary to be a will written biographical brief of a life well lived. His life was charmed and if only we all could be so lucky. One thing they did get wrong however was that Mike retired not as a Sergeant, but at the rank of Captain.

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