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  1. D.Bates

    Many great points are made in your document. Thank you for posting it. I am curious as to the thoughts of our members. What bullet points or suggestions are we missing?

    Thanks again,

  2. J.Williams

    So one of my major concerns is this, How do we compete?
    No matter how accurate the information maybe the Mainstream media is only pushing their view. People are bombarded with out of context videos all the time. When they watch them over and over again, it is no match for us to post a letter that jaded people will not read. I really feel our voice is to small. In my opinion, There needs to be a marketing blitz of ads (or media push) just like all those prescription drugs that cause terrible side effects. I don’t know if the National or State level has that type of budget. In order to reach people we have to met them on their level. That level is Social Media and News Media.
    Don’t get me wrong the topics are spot on and I like them. I just feel that the message will not be delivered. So I don’t if it would be possible to work with a video production crew and develop content to publish LEO content or not. The major networks have pulled TV shows highlighting Cops, so maybe its time we have to pay for commercials educating the nation?

  3. S.Beard

    Yes many good ideas. Let’s hope the public’s opinion turn again soon in our favor.


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