CPI meeting with FOP Lodge 95

Feb. 3rd at 5:30 pm at the FOP State Lodge office in Springfield, IL. (4341 Acer Grove suite 2) SOS Police Lodge 95 President Terry Trueblood will hold a special meeting to update Capitol police investigators as to the functions of both the Fraternal and Labor side of the FOP. We would like to have 100% membership, just like the Investigators have. Come join us and learn what the FOP is all about. Secretary Frank Wallace as well as Field Rep. Supervisor from the Labor Council Jerry Lieb and the Capitol Police labor representative will be present.

We look forward to answering questions and presenting benefits of being in the FOP, plus reviewing current politics affecting police officers in Illinois.


Terry Trueblood – President

217-821-4378 uiudiver@gmail.com

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